April 22, 2020

BodyLab - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Client- BodyLab

BodyLab is a boutique Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) studio in Potchefstroom. BodyLab's focus is on providing a premium EMS experience for individuals that are living a fast-paced life by minimising the effort and duration of the treatment and maximising the results.

Digital Marketing - Objective & Results

We provide Bodylab with Digital Marketing strategies on how to build their client base. How do we do this? We kick off by firstly defining detailed goals for the digital marketing strategy. After this we create a content plan with the defined goals as pointers. Next, we create the content making sure it aligns with Bodylab’s image, ideals and unique service. From there the content plan is distributed to the social media platforms that are the most relevant for Bodylab. We assure that the content reaches their ideal target market by deploying very specific paid advertising that focusses on particular audiences.

Slide Through Some Of The Online Content We Have Created:

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