May 20, 2020

Digital Marketing - Agropedo

Digital Marketing and Client - Agropedo

Agropedo is an independent agricultural consultation company. Their focus is the capturing of soil, biological and plant data. They provide farmers with scientific data to enhance precision farming practices.

Agropedo from the Greek word "the scientific study of soil is called Pedology (soil study) pedon or "soil" and logos as "study" in their natural environment". Agropedo believes that the farmer comes first and its existence is to serve Agriculture by hyper-focusing on soil and crop risk mitigation. Starting with identification and using tools like soil classification to digitally map any risk or potential. Serving clients by gathering real-time, soil and crop status information for implementation of tailor-made recommendations, that will guarantee a positive change on any farm's path to a lower risk farming future. Less Rain-More Grain. 

Precision agriculture equips you with the detailed information required to make better decisions and maximise productivity. Agropedo helps you accurately assess and precisely manage soil fertility, reducing both the cost and negative environmental impact of fertilizers yet still improving your crop yields.

Digital Marketing - Objective & Results

We help Agropedo to set up and build their online presence on Facebook & Instagram. Building an audience of 1200 + on Facebook and 500 + on Instagram in a very small niche in South Africa. We provided them with a Digital Marketing Strategy that aligned with their brand. The objective was to build brand awareness on the these social media platforms.

Slide Through Some Of The Online Content We Have Created:

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