May 13, 2020

Grainvest - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Client - Grainvest

Grainvest Group is a privately owned investment company that invests in the agricultural and energy industry. This enables Grainvest to offer their customers back to back trading opportunities, which has, over the years become their core function and main focus.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the agriculture industry, their hands-on approach and applied knowledge has given Grainvest the ability to deliver products of quality which is tailor-made to suit every customer’s needs.

Digital Marketing - Objective & Results

Fun Things SA helped create Social Platforms for Grainvest. Our Digital Marketing strategy was to build social platforms within the very specific niche of agriculture in South Africa. Ultimately to establish Grainvest in the digital realm as a leader in the online agricultural community.

How did we do this?

Our content strategy was to develop content that motivated the agricultural community and tells the story of the farmer. We did this by creating videos with clients of Grainvest. But creating great content is not enough! You need to understand the social platforms that you are posting on and how to expand them. We chose two main platforms for Grainvest, Facebook and Instagram. On these platforms, we provided weekly motivational content and monthly videos that told the story of Grainvest.

The Facebook Page was grown by means of Facebook Like Campaigns with very specific audience targeting. Building an Instagram account can be difficult especially in a very defined niche, but by means of community building strategies, we help built a page with over a 1000 followers.

Slide Through Some Of The Online Content We Have Created:

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