April 22, 2020

MooiRivier Mall - Digital Marketing

MooiRivier Mall Content Showcase

Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Client - MooiRivier Mall

MooiRivier Mall is situated in the heart of Potchefstroom and stands as a pillar in the community. MooiRivier Mall not only offers a wide variety of top-quality shops and outlets that satisfy the whole family’s needs but also provides an encounter with nature. The MooiRivier Mall was built over the Mooi River providing the community with more than just a normal shopping experience as they admire an abundance of greenery and the Mooi River that is incorporated throughout the building’s architecture.

Digital Marketing - Objective & Results

We are very proud to supply MooiRivier Mall with Digital Marketing advice, graphic design and videography services. We provide MooiRivier Mall with a range of content for each of their social media platforms, website banners, newspaper ads and posters. We strive to keep this content relevant, user-friendly and in alignment with their brand strategy.

Slide Through Some Of The Online Content We Have Created:

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