June 1, 2020

Should a business page use Emojis in their captions?

Emoji - to be or not to be? ?

Today we say... TO BE!

Instagram is an instant gratification platform that grabs the scroller's attention by means of a cool pic or video. It's colourful, instant and mostly fun! So why should the caption that contextualizes the image work any differently?

Fun Things SA - Emojis

Why should your Ads contain emojis?

A right placed emoji in a caption grabs the scroller's attention enticing them to click the "more" button. An emoji can act like a friendly and relatable smile inviting the scroller to explore your page.

Emojis also help add personality to potentially boring captions. Let's be honest - not all of us are natural-born caption creators and this is where the emoji becomes a saving grace. They help set a tone and add energy! Think about it like this - you wouldn't want to eat a bland-looking dish, but you would rather choose a colourful plate with zing. The same goes for a caption, so make sure to spice it up by sprinkling in a relevant emoji or two.

Now, emojis are not only helpful in adding a bit of colourful pizzazz to a caption. By using an emoji you can replace entire words leaving captions short and sweet! Emojis can also be used to break up potentially long paragraphs giving the reader a quick break and a moment to soak up what they've read. This is a clever way to trick readers into reading more, because visually it doesn't look like a big block of text.

Don't forget to your call to action!

Finally, emojis are great CTA (call-to-action) prompters. By using directive emojis you can lead your viewers to click on links or follow certain instructions. They also aid in communicating your unique brand voice.

And like the common saying goes - all in good measure. Use emojis mindfully - but do use them where you can!

That's just another tip in how we change likes into clients! 

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